The fear of staying within a home country is sometimes one of the greatest difficulties an individual can experience. This may be the result of suffering some prior persecution in the home country or experiencing personal threats. In some instances, the threats involve bodily injury. The purpose of asylum is to provide permanent relief for such individuals, and to create a safe haven by allowing the individual to stay in the US. This helps to ensure that the individual will escape the dangers from their home country. Our Los Angeles asylum lawyers will review each case carefully and advise whether you qualify for asylum.

Individuals who have a ‘well-founded fear of persecution’ if he or she should return to their home country are able to apply for asylum. Individuals in the process of a removal proceeding can apply for asylum in front of an immigration judge.

Several accounts are considered for fear of persecution: Religious belief, nationality, ethnicity, association of a particular social construct, or political affiliations. The feared persecution must be of the government or a group the government does not have control over.

Typically asylum needs to be applied for during his/her first year in the United States. While there are exemptions to this rule, asylum should be filed for as soon as possible.

When applying for asylum in Los Angles, it’s best to hire an experienced Los Angeles asylum lawyer to see their case through. Mundo Immigration understands the importance of successfully filing for asylum and will work hard to ensure the best possible results. Contact Mundo Immigration today to receive professional help when filing for asylum in Los Angles and surrounding areas.