At some point, any business located in the United States is affected by immigration laws. Whether it is safeguarding H-1B visas for tech personnel or examining I-9 forms of migrant farm workforces, there is much to know, and having a professional on your team with the experience and knowledge is essential.

Mundo Immigration is here to serve any individual or business in need with business immigration matters. We have successfully represented a wide variety of businesses in a multitude of different industries. We are proud to represent numerous organizations, religious organizations, non-profits, and university in business immigration needs. We have the experience to help with immigration-related litigation and any government regulation affair.

At Mundo Immigration, Our Los Angeles immigration lawyers assist businesses to become and stay in compliant with complex immigration employee verification laws. We also represent employers in their defense to U.S. Department of Homeland Security audits and lawsuits.

If an employer is seeking employees with specialized skills to be of permanent legal residence, we can aid with preparing an I-140 immigrant visa petition and any other necessary applications. We can guide employers on criteria requirements and required documentation that will be needed for their objective. If an employer is looking for temporary staffing, we can help apply for the right type of visa depending on the business objective. With any visa, barriers to entry are to be anticipated, which we can help prepare for and overcome. With the help of a professional business immigration matters through Mundo Immigration, we can ensure your applications or petitions have the best chance for positive outcomes. Contact us today to learn how we can help businesses and individuals in business immigration matters.