Based in Los Angeles, Mundo Immigration offers the opportunity for family members to obtain legal permanent residence by representing through the complex legal process. We can help families eliminate the fear of being separated. Whether the family member is undocumented and lives in the US, or lives abroad and wants to be closer to their family in the US, your Los Angeles immigration lawyer will help outline the best path to help your family members obtain permanent legal status. We believe families should not live in fear of separation, and our goal is to assist in unifying families.

Current U.S. immigration laws recognize the important of keeping a family together and are constructed to ensure families aren’t separated. Going the route of family-based immigration is one of the most common methods in obtaining permanent residence and citizenship in the U.S. When seeking permanent citizenship, it’s vital to have a professional on your side, who can fully evaluate your options when considering family-based immigration. Mundo Immigration can help you understand what to expect and walk you through every step of the way.

Family based immigration is a multifaceted journey that entails many components. Don’t sit on finding qualified legal help – Contact Mundo Immigration today for help with family based immigration in Los Angeles and surrounding areas. Through our many years of experience, we have helped many families successfully go through the immigration process, and can’t wait to help you too.