When appealing a green card, immigration, health waiver, overstay waiver, or any other immigration-related waiver, it’s critical to have a good immigration lawyer on your side to navigate the legal system. The Board of Immigration is not always easy to work through, but with an experienced lawyer on your site, it can be less overwhelming and stressful.

While attempting to obtain lawful status, individuals that entered the U.S. undocumented may be ineligible. In such a situation, undocumented individuals are required to obtain a waiver, which would make them eligible for immigration benefits that could lead to permanent lawful status. A waiver may also create eligibility for individuals disqualified due to their criminal record. If you qualify for a waiver, we will invest the time to help prove your eligibility for a waiver. You can then continue with the process of applying for immigration benefits.

In many cases, whether it is in a deportation hearing before an immigration judge or an application for an immigration benefit, you may feel that the judge or immigration officer erred in their decision. You may be right in that belief, and have the right to appeal the decision. For these cases, our Los Angeles immigration law firm will prepare an appeal, so that your case may be reconsidered. In many situations you have the right to appeal the decision in your case, and we want to ensure that your right to appeal is exercised, so the correct determination can be made.

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